The Community Learning and Development Pathway has been designed for learners who find the traditional notion of college difficult and who, by their very specific additional needs require support and tuition to begin in surroundings which are familiar. This could be within the learners home or out in the learners local community.

Every learners needs are different and as such each Community Learning and Development study programme is different. We use a flexible, agreed approach to promoting independence, community access, working with others and developing trust as key elements within this Pathway.

Learners who have followed similar programmes have progressed onto accessing their local community, to do their own shopping, visit local amenities and undertake daily living tasks. Other learners have become confident with the world around them and have progressed into one of our other Pathways, with aspirations of further study, independent living and in some cases even employment.

For more information, please contact the college on 01246 433788.