This is a Pathway that will develop your practical skills and knowledge in preparation for supported employment or voluntary work.


This Pathway is suited to those wishing to explore employment opportunities, who either have a clear idea of the industry they would like to work in, or for those who have yet to decide.

Learners can start on Year 1 or 2 of an Employability Pathway, depending on their readiness for the world of work.

Year 1 of an employability Pathway helps prepare learners for employment by: developing employability skills, working within a number of industries and improving the skills needed to be considered for employment. These skills will vary between individuals and progress will be recorded over time.

Year 2 of an employability Pathway is suited to those wishing to secure employment and have a clear idea of what industry they would like to work in. Landmarks College offer vocational work opportunities in: Animal Care, Horticulture, Hospitality & Catering, Retail and Domestic Services. This portfolio is developing, so please contact the college to see if we have any vacancies in your chosen sector.

All learners will work with employers near to their home and will receive travel training that will enable independent travel by the end of the Pathway. Each learner will work with a nominated Job Coach, who, with the employer, will establish agreed learning priorities that will move a learner towards successful employment.

All learners will work towards improving their functional skills, in mathematics, English and ICT specific to their industry and they will be supported to undertake a functional skills qualification at the end of the Pathway to recognise improvements within their skills and knowledge (where appropriate).


Learners should be willing to work the hours of work required by the employer, this may involve shift work and/or weekend working.

Pathways run for a maximum of two academic years.

How will I be assessed?

All learners will work towards individual targets and milestones agreed with an employer. Job Coaches supporting learners will ensure progress is being tracked effectively, producing progress reports with employers to determine suitability for employment in the chosen sector at the end of the programme.

What will I study?

In addition to specific vocational, employer-related training, all learners will study:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Travel Training
  • Employability
  • Job Search skills and preparation

What does this Pathway lead to?

This Pathway could lead to paid or voluntary employment.

However, there is no guarantee of employment at the end of this Pathway, although learners will have amassed significant vocational experience that will enhance applications for future employment.